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It’s been a while we haven’t shared Juniper Research reports with a backup knowledge on 5G, Cloud Gaming and its tight relationship with Mobile Operators. In this article, we share both ours and Juniper Research knowledge on subscription model and successful methods for Carriers to increase numbers of their audiences.
Juniper Research report with a backup knowledge on 5G, Cloud Gaming and its tight relationship with Mobile Operators

No latency future

With the arrival of 5G and Cloud Gaming many new opportunities opened up for both Merchants and Operators to broaden the convenience of their goods and services while building customer loyalty through positive customer experiences.

Having it said – Cloud Gaming and 5G brings this shift to variety and accessibility of the video games industry to a much wider audience.

“Furthermore, the success of streaming on mobile devices and reduction of lag time will likely be critical to the long-term success of cloud gaming. Platform providers and publishers may benefit from partnering with telecoms companies to develop better networks and drive 5G adoption, while exploring shared subscription models”.

Source: Juniper Research report

Accessibility through Subscription Model

Our clients who are closely working with our DV Content Team are more and more actively shifting towards subscription model in the video games market. No wonder, as Cloud Gaming brings impressive capabilities to improve ARPU for Carriers.

Over the past few years, the dominant model remained the subscription one and it is provisioned to remain highly requested in the future. Although, we recommend to always explore new approaches in order to face the profusion of OTT services.

One of the big trends now is the bundling of OTT services within a broader offer – this is a preferred approach for a lot of Telecom Operators. Read more in our article about it.

A link between Cloud Gaming and DCB  

There is a direct link between 5G Cloud Gaming and Direct Carrier Billing in Carriers ecosystem, as it gives an access to services and payment from a single point.

It provides a secure and convenient payment way for Carriers, leading to higher conversion rates. It should be noted, that most people singing up to Cloud Gaming services are younger player that normally don’t use banking services.  

Even 22% of video gamers worldwide are aged between 10-20 years old (Source).

Read more about 5G Cloud Gaming and Direct Carrier Billing here.

Overall, if Carriers are looking for service to justify use of 5G, Cloud Gaming is definitely one of the main trends. Even if still on early stage, our Team is willing to take this challenge and support the growth around Cloud Gaming with both quality technical cloud provider and MNO’s partners.

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