5G Cloud Gaming – How can Carrier Billing bring more revenue growth?

A Juniper Research report found that mobile and cloud gaming will lead the growth of the gaming industry which is set to exceed $200 billion in value in 2023. 5G rollout in some of the world's leading economies is accelerating this growth. Find out how Direct Carrier Billing suceeds to become the ideal payment solution for this new trend!
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5G Cloud Gaming – The next generation experience

Cloud Gaming is the next big thing in the telecom operator’s world, with the slow but ongoing setup of 5G network. This trend has been confirmed over the past decade on the digital entertainment industry. The shift already happened for music and video industries – gaming is definitely next in line.

The latest study from gaming market research firm Newzoo predicts that the global cloud gaming market will grow to 124.7 million users by 2022.

Grandview Research confirms the same conclusion. It estimates that the global cloud gaming market was worth US$470m in 2020 but will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 48% between 2021 and 2027.

5G rollout in some major economies is accelerating this growth. This network could enable faster download and upload speeds, meeting consumer’s growing desire to have greater control over streaming quality outside their home comfort.

Why Carriers should address Cloud Gaming?

Offering their subscribers an enriched experience is one of the main objectives of Carriers. 5G Cloud Gaming is revolutionary for next-generation entertainment experiences.

It brings extraordinary capabilities for consumers and for Carriers looking to improve the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Offering Cloud Gaming platforms allows Carriers to:

  • Boost and take advantage of 5G connections
  • Meet Cloud Gaming and eSports demands
  • Position as Best licenses’ supplier with exclusivity on top providers
  • Generate user engagement with gamification features
  • Face App Stores’ competition

Ultimately, attract new customers and retain existing ones by also integrating Direct Carrier Billing payment method – allowing young demographics to access the service.

Bringing more revenue growth with Direct Carrier Billing

There is a natural link between 5G Cloud Gaming and Direct Carrier Biling through Carriers, as users access and pay for gaming platforms from a single point.

Besides, Direct Carrier Billing means more revenue growth for cloud gaming providers as users can charge subscriptions or in-game purchases easily, securely and conveniently to their mobile phone bill.

This payment method offers:

-Greater Security: users do not need to provide any sensitive information such as credit card or bank details.

-A Frictionless User Experience: there is no additional customer authentication.

-Higher Conversion Rates: a simpler purchasing experience leads to higher conversion rates.

-Larger Financial Inclusion: DCB is the payment method with the largest reach compared to others. Besides, most people singing up to Cloud Gaming services are younger players without access to credit or debit card.

More About Digital Virgo’s Gaming Strategy

Digital Virgo uses its expertise in Gaming to provide the Best-in-class 360 solution as white label to more than 15 Carriers in 10 countries.

We have recently announced a new strategic partnership with the French startup CareGame, offering a technical solution to run a smooth experience with Mobile Cloud Gaming. Want to know more about it? Read our latest news!

Want to know more about our maximizing revenue solutions to enhance DCB? Contact us!

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