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A year of Data at Digital Virgo

In 2022, Digital Virgo teams have collected and managed 13 billion transaction hits and 850 billion lines of data. Discover how we make the most of mobile payment by analyzing and transforming these data to drive revenue for our partners, telcos and merchants.

Data-centric analytics play an increasingly critical role in the mobile payment ecosystem. Digital Virgo is recognized in this ecosystem for addressing mobile payment as a whole, placing data management, analysis and transformation at the heart of the global strategies we deploy for Telcos and Merchants.

Smart Data to support business performance

State of the art solutions (Talend, Fivetran, Snowplow, Snowflake, Funnel and Datarobot) allow us to collect and transform data. In addition, AI tools also allow us to enrich and visualize all data for innovative business process. From over 13 billion transaction hits and 850 billion data rows of data collected in 2022, our data team is constantly looking at how to make the best use of all the data gathered from telecom payment transactions and through our +29000 Marketing campaigns.

At Digital Virgo we don’t just collect a large volume of data, we analyze, segment, filter, convert and all this… In real time. We create Smart Data. Decision-making is faster and therefore more efficient, problems are detected and corrected instantly.

Smart Data allows us to support our partners, Carriers and Merchants, to reach better analysis of their billing performances and boost their revenues.

Data is an essential lever to ensure a sustainable Mobile Payment ecosystem

Data collection in the mobile payment ecosystem increases ROI and facilitates the detection of fraudulent activity.

  • Data acts as an ROI enhancer: data is also valuable for performance management. Billing metrics can be isolated with a granular approach thanks to data collected through voluminous transactions. It provides in-depth analysis and detailed insight to partners so they can manage a sustainable and secure ecosystem.
  • Data secures the market: data collection and analysis enable the industry to detect and combat fraud.

Contact our experts or visit our webpage to know more about data management.

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