A new partnership with Kino Polska – updated PlayVOD offer

A new partnership with a TV channel and VOD provider Kino Polska! Digital Virgo is expanding its premium PlayVOD offer, delivering to the users more than 300 movies in Poland and Slovakia.
visual of a new partnership with Kino Polska

Providing Premium quality content

The agreement with Kino Polska is delivering movies to our PlayVOD service in Poland and Slovakia – in both countries the PlayVOD catalogue is updated with even 300 movies.

This deal strengthens our aim to propose more international and local premium content to the users. With an updated catalogue, PlayVOD subscribers will have access to famous movies including Asterix and Obelix: God save Britannia, Lion Heart, Black Butterfly and many more. What is more – the catalogue will be constantly refreshed to provide more movies to enjoy in both Poland and Slovakia

Access and pay via your phone bill

Covering different themes and accessible to all ages and tastes – users can subscribe to the service and pay via their monthly phone bill. Telecom Payment method is integrated in all of our DV Content services with our DV Pass solution. Access the quality content without a need to include any personal bank card details. Easy and fast access to the big library of movies!

More about PlayVOD

PlayVOD is ;an exclusive library of various videos, series and movies, available in 22 countries and 8 languages. Developed by our DV Content Team, PlayVOD is designed to provide a premium quality experience with the access to the catalogue of various genres including Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood movies. Our strategy is also to highlight local content via our platform – this time, in Poland and Slovakia. Subscribe to the service here.

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