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# Local Adaptation

The importance of local adaptation in Telecom Payment visual

5 factors to consider about Local Adaptation in the Carrier Billing ecosystem

Direct Carrier Billing is more than a fast, secure, and easy way to make online purchases. It opens a whole new world of possibilities in the digital ecosystem, especially for regions where traditional financial services, such as credit cards, are not standardised. But what is needed for DCB to be fully successful? The cultural and technological adaptation are the key elements to achieve high performing results for Telecom Operators and Merchants worldwide. Here is what it takes to ensure that Telecom Payment becomes a truly effective payment method.

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visual of "New partnership to grow mobile payment revenue in Senegal"

Digital Virgo chosen to Manage and Grow Expresso’s Mobile Payment Offer in Senegal

Expresso, a leading mobile telecommunications operator and technology provider in Senegal, has joined forces with Digital Virgo, key player of the Mobile Payment ecosystem, to manage its Direct Carrier Billing offer in the country. The partnership will allow Expresso users to enjoy digital services by paying online for their subscriptions via their postpaid phone bill or prepaid SIM card.

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DV Content Molotov launching in Senegal

Adventure continues: Launching Molotov in Senegal!

The recently started successful partnership between Digital Virgo and Molotov continues: we are launching Molotov in Senegal! Already available in Ivory coast and soon in Cameroon, our Team is working on offering a high added value streaming service to the African continent.

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