Advantages of Whatsapp Bots in Contact Centers

To optimize the customer experience, Digital Virgo’s Team rolled out its expertise in DV Contact by integrating Whatsapp Bots in Contact Centers. This solution allows clients to reach more than 1500 million users in a fluid and 100% conversational interactions.
infographic about 5 advantages of Whatsapp bots in contact centers
5 advantages of Whatsapp Bots in Contact Centers

Customer Experience Optimization

Today’s users expect to communicate with businesses at any time and through any device. Our experts in DV Contact incorporate Whatsapp for Business and Bots in Contact Centers to meet customers’ needs and keep them connected through 100% conversational interactions.

Whatsapp bots are revolutionary as they allow communication through natural language. This is possible thanks to their powerful Artificial Intelligence that constantly learns to know more about customers and offer them personalized attention.

With this integration, customers will receive better customer care due to the reduction of the initial waiting time. In case an agent is needed, the bot can assign the chat to the most qualified person based on the received information holding the conversation through online chat or a voice channel.

More About DV Contact

DV CONTACT integrates the latest technologies in the sector to optimize the customer experience by offering Smart Message and Smart Contact solutions: Push SMS, Chatbots, Premium SMS, RCS, Advanced IVR, Voicebots, Clould Contact Center, Intelligent Network services…

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