[MENTION] YouScribe pursues its expansion in South Africa

MediaMarketing talks about us! For YouScribe, Digital Virgo’s digital solutions and expertise are a great way to accelerate and conquer markets on a continent where mobile uses are highly developed. Discover more!
Poster about Youscribe with several books as background

YouScribe, the streaming digital library of hundreds of thousands of digital books, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines and other educational materials, is launching in South Africa on the MTN network. After having strengthened its presence in the Maghreb to promote reading and access to education to the greatest number.

In a large number of French-speaking countries, access to reading, culture and education is still limited due to lack of distribution infrastructures and the cost of paper-based books. YouScribe brings a simple solution to increase access to books with digital learning and reading technologies.

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the African markets, we were able to support our partner YouScribe to ensure that the service responds to the markets’ needs under the best possible conditions.

Original article is in French.

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