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They talk about us! Geeky.news shared an article explaining how the African video game industry is flourishing thanks to the development of digital technology. They highlighted Digital Virgo as a key player of the Telecom Payment ecosystem in the continent thanks to our ability to offer efficient and locally adapted mobile payment strategies. Find out more!
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Digital Virgo as a key player in the African Telecom Payment ecosystem 

Geeky.news highlighted us as a key player of the Telecom Payment ecosystem in the African continent thanks to our ability to adapt products and services locally as well as for providing efficient Mobile Payment solutions. 

Want to know more about how we support our partners, Carriers and Merchants, in the management of a sustainable Mobile Billing ecosystem in Africa? Download our latest Success Case about the launching of Molotov TV in Africa! 

Mobile Payment: the most popular means of money transaction in Africa

Africa is a continent with low credit card ownership and high smartphone penetration. There is 1.2 B population while the number of smartphones is around 800 B. That’s why when talking about video games it seems that the most suitable distribution and payment channel is via Mobile. It facilitates the access to the services as well as it enables the payment for the major population who don’t have access to bank account.

Geeky.News highlighted this reality and positioned Direct Carrier Billing as one of the most suitable payment methods in Africa due to its many advantages:

  • Larger financial inclusion: it facilitates the access to digital services in the continent with low banking services.
  • Security in a geographical area with major piracy.
  • Convenience as it offers a seamless purchasing experience for the users.

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“Paypal, bank credit cards etc. are not very popular. It is therefore obvious that the evolution of financial technologies (fintech) as well as the integration of the mobile money option among the solutions of the online stores Play Store and App store, will promote the economy of video games on the continent.
Note also that fintechs like ECOMMPAY offer the possibility of integrating a variety of payment methods; or Digital Virgo, which offers solutions for the monetization of local content sold on subscription through SMS or audiotel portals.
Mobile telephone operators and fintechs will certainly have a role to play in improving the financial ecosystem while the State and universities will have their contribution to make in the structuring, support and development of educational programs. integrating the video game professions.”

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