Offering an innovative cloud gaming technology with CareGame

CareGame, a leading player in the mobile cloud gaming market, and Digital Virgo, the Group specializing in mobile payment solutions, announce the signing of a global partnership. This agreement will allow the company to offer to telecom operators worldwide an innovative cloud gaming technology, designed to be rapidly deployed while optimizing implementation and operating costs. This partnership will provide an exceptional mobile gaming experience, using CareGame's mobile cloud gaming solution, as well as a complete and optimized service, thanks to Digital Virgo's expertise in the distribution of high value-added digital content platforms.
Poster of Caregame and Digital Virgo announce the new partnership

CareGame, a leading player in mobile cloud gaming

CareGame, a leading player in the mobile cloud gaming market, offers to the players of the telecom ecosystem – service providers and mobile operators – a complete, turnkey, white label mobile cloud gaming solution. CareGame works with its partners to offer to users a video game on demand service, stored and executed from remote servers, allowing a fluid and unique experience, without prior installation. Any AAA mobile game can be played without any download and from any Android or iOS smartphone, including the oldest ones. Thanks to its unique and innovative technology, CareGame offers the first and only mobile cloud gaming solution at 60fps and very low latency, available anywhere in the world, from a simple 1.5Mbps connection. In 2021, the solution is already available in 44 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Digital Virgo, “The expertise of tailor-made services dedicated to operators”

CareGame’s mobile cloud gaming technology combined with Digital Virgo’s expertise allows us to offer telecom operators an innovative service driven by the exponential growth of mobile cloud gaming (+134% CAGR). This is an opportunity to offer to their users the best mobile gaming experience.

Digital Virgo brings its network of strategic partnerships with telecom operators, its experience in the internationalization and monetization of services, along with a catalog of local and international content, including two essential levers for the deployment of digital platforms: mobile payment and digital marketing.

 “We are very pleased to announce that our long-standing collaboration with Digital Virgo has reached a new milestone. Our partnership will allow us to address new mobile operators around the world, and to democratize the adoption of mobile cloud gaming. This is an important moment for CareGame, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees for their unwavering commitment to this great adventure,” says Benjamin Athuil, co-founder and president of CareGame.

“Thanks to the partnership with CareGame, we are strengthening our tailor-made offer dedicated to operators to provide them with a mobile cloud gaming solution that ensures a qualitative gaming experience without any friction. This combination of our expertise results in a service that embeds the best of 4G and 5G technology, cloud, content and monetization levers,” says Fabienne Lefebvre, Director of Sales and Partnerships at Digital Virgo.

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