Overview on Gaming Market for Telcos

What is the Gaming Market trends? What kind of predictions are seen in this continuously growing industry? This is the time to pay attention to the growing numbers and new benefits for Telcos to expand their services and build customer loyalty. We offer a comprehensive solution that can provide this advancement for Telecom companies and use this time to profit from the potential of the future gaming.
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An ever-growing target audience

Playing audience is growing every year with surprising speed: from 2.01Bn game players market in 2015 it reaches even 2.91Bn in 2021. Prognosed to reach 3.19Bn worth, global games market consists of Mobile Players (2.6Bn), Console Players (0.8Bn) and PC Players (1.3B) (Source: Newzoo, Global Games Market Report, January 2021 Update).

2.8 billion gamers worldwide will generate revenues of 189.3 billion in 2021 showing a non-linear growth compared with the audience’s one, due to an increased ARPU boosted by the pandemic situation.

Source: Newzoo 2020|Global Games Market Report

Mobile Gaming counts half of the whole gaming revenues

With the latest Newzoo report, mobile games revenues were accounted for 49% of the global market in 2020 with worth of $86.3 Bn.

Mobile gamers contributed 74% of consumer spending in mobile app stores, the other two key niches with a very promising trend are E-sport and Cloud gaming. Having it said – these three fields bring this shift to variety and accessibility of the entertainment industry to a much wider audience.

Furthermore, the success of streaming on mobile devices, especially with appearance of 5G, are going forward the future of no latency and will likely be critical to the long-term success of eSports and Cloud Gaming.

Our Team believes that Telecom companies can benefit from platform providers and publishers, while also exploring subscription model capacities. With the arrival of 5G and Cloud Gaming many new opportunities opened for both Merchants and Operators to broaden the convenience of their goods and services while building customer loyalty through positive customer experiences.

Read more in our latest article about Cloud Gaming.

DV Telco Games: a gaming hub for the best gaming experience

Our solutions are perfectly integrated in the gaming market and adds value to the overall experience for the users.

Our Team via our DV Content business vertical, offers premium experience for Telcos with a flexible solution that offers the possibility to provide to their clients the most complete gaming offer on the market. We build a full ecosystem made by different components: Unlimited games + eSports + Cloud gaming+ PC games, providing for Telcos a full package or customized offer with different bricks.

Our team also provides a fully tailored product: Custom Layout / Multi Language/ Adapted content selection. The strongest sides of our offer is Product customization and visual identity, Adapted content and Complete localization.

Contact our Team to find out more!

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