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Challenges and Opportunities: Alternative Payment Methods in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sub-Saharan African region is undergoing a significant digital transformation, with alternative payment methods playing a crucial role in this evolution. As technology advances and consumer preferences shift towards faster, more convenient, and frictionless payment options, countries across the continent are embracing innovative solutions to meet these demands. In this article, we will explore the rise of alternative payment methods in Sub-Saharan Africa and the role of telcos. We will disclose the benefits of these solutions, the challenges they face, and the potential they hold for financial inclusion and economic growth in the region.

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Women in Senegal using mobile phone

Country focus: The digital ecosystem in Senegal

The digital transformation in Africa is no longer a prediction, it’s a fact. With the widespread of Internet services, improvement of connectivity infrastructures and policies that encourage the development of the digital ecosystem, the region is on its way to become a force to consider when talking about digitalisation. Despite several challenges that still have to be considered, the opportunities that the continent offer to merchants, carriers, technological companies, and digital content & services providers are huge. Within this vast land, we put our focus on the West Coast’s Senegal to analyse how the digitization is being established in one of Africa’s most stable countries.

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Bamako · MALI

Bureau n°20 au 4e étage sis à l’immeuble BAMA Hamdallaye ACI 2000 en face de l’ancien Aéroport
Bamako, Mali

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Mauritius Island


2nd floor N.S.Z Building Place Monseigneur Margeot  – Place Monseigneur – Margeot
ROSE-HILL, Mauritius
Tel. +230 4 65 29 17

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