SMS Ticketing makes Telcos and Public Transport Companies perfect partners

As digitization sweeps through every aspect of our daily lives, users demand public transport to follow up the trend. With this background, telcos and transport companies find themselves in the perfect spot to offer the most accessible solution of all: SMS Ticketing. Through the example of its implementation in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (France) by the SNCF, we look at how this technology offers convenience for users, improved customer satisfaction for transport companies and a new revenue stream for telecom operators.
SMS Ticketing with SNCF

SMS Ticketing, the win-win-win solution for public mobility

Users, transport companies, and telcos have a common interest: making the purchase of public transport tickets as seamless, as secure, as fast, and as accessible as it can possibly be. Well, the solution might just be in the palm of the users’ hands. This is what SMS Ticketing brings to the table.   

The implementation of SMS Ticketing offers transport operators a simplified method of selling tickets, considerably improving accessibility and customer satisfaction. On one hand, this system reduces operational costs by decreasing the need for physical tickets and limiting fraud. On the other hand, it boosts operational efficiency thanks to real-time transaction monitoring, which allows a better response to passenger needs. It also supports green initiatives by reducing paper consumption and enables to collect a vast amount of data to help fluidify and optimise transport services.  

This digitization gives transport companies the opportunity to develop the usage of the Telecom Operators’ payment ecosystem. 

From the passenger’s point of view, the advantages are countless. Accessibility is greatly improved since tickets can be purchased anywhere and at any time as long as a telephone signal is available, and it saves them a considerable amount of time queuing at ticket offices.

A clear win-win-win situation for all the parties involved. 

Text Your Way to Travel: Breaking Down the SMS Ticketing System

The SMS ticket purchase system provided by DV Ticketing represents exactly this: A step forward in simplifying access to public transport. The system allows passengers to buy their train tickets directly via a text message, without requiring an Internet connection or the installation of a specific mobile application. This solution integrates digital ticket creation and a management tool for tracking purchase statistics and controlling tickets on board.

The process is intuitive, making the service accessible even to those unfamiliar with digital technologies, and only involves a few simple steps:  

  1. The user sends a text message to the number provided by the transport company, specifying the journey required.  
  1. In reply, they receive a message containing the travel options available (timetables, fares, etc.).  
  1. After selecting the preferred option, the user confirms their purchase by sending another text message.  
  1. A confirmation message is then sent, including a barcode, QR code or an electronic ticket number to be presented when checking on board.  

This SMS purchase method demonstrates how technology can be put to work for convenience and efficiency, aligning users’ needs with transport companies’ operational capabilities, and ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable travel experience on the public network. 

Enhancing Regional Mobility: The Case of the SNCF Nouvelle-Aquitaine in France

The SNCF, a key player in French mobility, is known for continually committing to improving access and comfort on its rail lines, emphasising the importance of service quality for its users. In this context, they explored partnerships with digital industries for a regional project in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.  

That’s how the implementation of the SMS ticket purchase service on the TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine network through DV ticketing platform started in October 2023. The initiative began with a test phase of several months, during which time the SNCF, in collaboration with Digital Virgo and telecom operators, worked to set up the system, resolve technical challenges and optimise the user experience.

After the resounding success, the SNCF has decided to extend the use of the service to other train stations proving that user acceptance has met the expectations. Passenger feedback has underlined the effectiveness of the system, highlighting simplicity and time savings as the main benefits. 

By responding directly to passengers’ needs for convenience and efficiency, this project illustrates how technological innovation can transform mobility services and enrich the travel experience for all.  

DV Ticketing’s solution improves accessibility and ensures transaction security. If you want to implement our solution, contact our teams.

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