Routing Strategy Manager: activate contingency plans over Intelligent Network services

Digital Virgo’s team rolled out its DV Contact expertise by offering an innovative software for implementing contingency plans in emergency situations: RSM (Routing Strategy Manager). It is a 100% cloud platform which allows companies to ensure the continuity of their service while saving time and money.
Post about contingengy plans over intelligent network services

Intelligent management for contingency plans 

We are all exposed to unpredictable situations affecting the continuity of our business and we’re experiencing it now with COVID-19. In addition to offering employees more remote work options during a crisis, businesses are also implementing contingency plans to continue offering their services normally.

Within its DV Contact expertise, Digital Virgo offers a software for implementing contingency plans over Intelligent Network services: Routing Strategy Manager (RSM). The 100% cloud solution empowers companies with autonomy and self-management to configure and activate plans in emergency situations.

With just one click professionals are able to transfer communication from one location to another from any device at any time. The easiest and safest way to keep in contact with your customers while saving time and money.

The platform is fully customizable, provides real time monitoring and offers support 24/7.

Three simple steps to ensure the continuity of your service

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