[REPLAY] Regulatory Frameworks: Opportunities or Threats

Last week we participated in MEF Connects Digital Transformation – event organized by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. Ignacio Molto, Legal Director at Digital Virgo, shared the key advices on the European regulation around the Carrier Billing business, as well as interesting insights on the future of regulation in Europe, LATAM and Africa. All the details in the video.
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As part of the 3-day MEF Connects Digital Transformation event, the “Regulatory Frameworks, Opportunities or Threats” session took place last week. Experts from different Regions discussed regulation in the mobile payment ecosystem and more specifically, in relation to Carrier Billing.

Ignacio Molto, Legal Director at Digital Virgo, participated as an expert on European regulation and shared the key insights on PSD2 in Europe as well as the key takeaways on the future of regulation in other areas such as LATAM and Africa.

Key insights on PSD2 in Europe

The goal behind the EU PSD2 is to improve the existing level of consumer protection, but mainly to increase competition and facilitate innovation in financial services.

The implementation of the regulation has favored the growth of payment methods such as Direct Carrier Billing, which allows users to acquire goods and services securely and easily by paying with their monthly mobile bill. PSD2 offers new opportunities to all players within the Mobile Billing market and clarifies the authorizations needed to operate in this ecosystem.

  • According to the Telecommunication exemption available under PSD2, Carriers are exempted to be licensed for processing Digital Goods, Charitable Activity and Ticketing via DCB under thresholds (€50 per transaction; €300 per billing month per person). Since this exemption has multiple interpretations according to the geographical area, anticipating and having right authorizations such as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) License is key to ensure the development of the DCB activity globally.
  • Moreover, the legal obligation PSD2 specifies that “Intermediary” Operators and Aggregators that collect payments on behalf of other parties are required to be an Agent or Payment Institution.

Digital Virgo: a PSD2 compliant Payment Institution

As an international player in Mobile Payment, Digital Virgo Group holds the Electronic Money Institution license, which authorized the Group to offer payment and electronic money services throughout Europe. These authorizations are essential to support Telecom Operators and Merchants in their core business activities.

The Electronic Money Institution status allows Digital Virgo to guarantee the continuity and growth of its activities but also to widen its range of service. It also allows its partners to benefit from Carrier’s Billing payment when selling physical goods and a wider and more valuable range of digital goods.

Digital Virgo collects and secures the payments received on behalf of its partners, in accordance with the regulations applicable to payment services.  

Want to be compliant and benefit from all opportunities offered by PSD2? Contact us!

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