Digital Virgo Group positions itself with RCS via its DV Live solution

Digital Virgo is breaking new ground by deploying the first RCS push campaigns with its partners through its on-air interactivity application, DV Live. This deployment is the result of a partnership between Google, Digital Virgo and operators.
visual of Digital Virgo Group positions itself with RCS via its DV Live solution

The RCS (Rich Communication System) allows you to send and receive SMS messages containing media files and chatbots. This makes it possible to offer a conversational experience on cell phones that was previously exclusive for messaging Apps such as Messenger. By offering the same functional options (push and pull) as the classic SMS, this feature has all the advantages of a tool capable of optimizing the engagement of a targeted audience. 

Following previous campaigns released before, the feedback is already very encouraging: the user experience is more inclusive and therefore more fun, and the message received becomes interactive, which leads to a higher engagement rate than SMS.

Find out more about our DV Live solution here.

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