Mediaset Spain distributes more than €1,000,000 in prizes this year in partnership with Digital Virgo

Mediaset, the leader in the Spanish audiovisual market, continues to trust Digital Virgo and its DV Live solution to manage its ecosystem of interactivity and, specifically, the contests within its programmes. A collaboration which began in 2018 and which in this last year has contributed to distributing more than €1,000,000 in prizes among the audiences of the different Mediaset channels. Discover the spot that the audiovisual leader has shared to highlight these great results, under the slogan "we give happiness away".
visual of Mediaset and Digital Virgo distribute 1 million euros of prizes this year

More than 100 contests in 2020

The Editiorial Commercial Direction of Mediaset and Digital Virgo have launched more than 100 contests in the last year, distributing more than 1,000,000 euros among their audiences. A clear success of the dynamics between the spectators of programmes such as Sálvame, Viva la Vida or Supervivientes.

Digital Virgo offers global support for contests for all Mediaset channels. In addition to the numbering and the technological platform, which allows to absorb all the traffic of participants, the Teams of the Editorial Commercial Direction of Mediaset and Digital Virgo perform: the design and creation of the dynamics adapted to the audience, the scenography, the scripts and promotion during the broadcast and the “winning moment” in real time. Besides, part of the Digital Virgo Team works on site, in Mediaset’s studios, to offer the best support to its client.

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