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3 football players celebrate a goal at the Africa Cup of Nations

Top 3 Ways to Engage Your Audience During the Africa Cup of Nations

Major sporting events are known to attract large audiences and this year the Africa Cup of Nations is no different. Telcos have the unique opportunity to engage their audiences which can boost customer numbers and long-term customer loyalty. Digital Virgo offers several solutions for companies to reach out to their customers to increase loyalty and engagement to boost revenue. This is just a small part of what made to measure solutions can do for Telcos.

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The 4 Ways to Build Audience Loyalty Over Summer

During summer, radio stations and TV channels face challenges to maintain and build audience loyalty. When people’s routines change, outdoor activities take center stage. However, with strategic planning and engaging content, it’s possible to captivate and retain your audience throughout the summer season. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to build audience loyalty for radio stations and TV channels during summer.

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Supporting with our DV Live platform the event dedicated to French culture

Supporting French Touch with our DV Live platform

Every year, for several days, the French Touch invites viewers to discover and appreciate the best of what France has to offer – the French art of living, the exquisite cuisine, and an admirable culture… Among all the activities, the highlight of the event is always a TV show during which, famous artists are united to collect money for charity. For this occasion, we offered our DV Live platform to support the event – all the money donated by the viewers during the event directly went to the reconstruction of the hospital in Poland. We invite you to read more!

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Digital Virgo poster stay tuned

5 Tips to retain your audience on the Radio

Between lockdown and curfew, the ears of the French remain open to listen to their favorite radios and to take part in games! That’s why we do everything possible to support our partners in the development and implementation of on-air games that encourage their audience’s retention. Discover more in our infographic!

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