[Exclusive interview] ATAC Rome relies on Mobile Ticketing to grow its business

Discover how ATAC Rome has increased its ticket sales by 47% thanks to the integration of Mobile Ticketing via Carrier Billing! A success story shared by Fabrizio Frustaci, CCO at ATAC Rome.
Atac Rome relies on Mobile Ticketing

A few months ago we announced that our partnership with Atac, Rome’s public transport company, was continuing to grow. After integrating the carrier’s billing payment method into its parking services, we also enabled Mobile Ticketing in its public transport ticketing service. With “SMS&GO”, TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE, customers can pay for their tickets easily and securely via their phone bill.

A few months after the launch, Fabrizio Frustaci, CCO at ATAC Rome, shares how with Carrier Billing they have sold 47% more tickets while increasing passenger satisfaction thanks to M-Ticket via SMS.

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If you still have doubts about the benefits of m-ticketing, read our article on why public transport companies should integrate Carrier Billing or contact our experts here!

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