GameWard Cup Fortnite 2nd edition

Presence of the 200 best French players…..Almost 11 hours of live competition…. Fortnite remains one of the most popular video game platforms, gathering millions of gamers and viewers from all around the world. Here we are highlighting the key elements from the 2nd edition of the GameWard Cup Fortnite organized by our Partners GameWard.
visual of GameWard Cup 2nd edition

The key elements to remember about this #GWCUP :

  • Presence of the 200 best French players
  • Almost 11 hours of live competition
  • even 370,000+ minutes viewed
  • 12,000+ people gathered during the streaming
  • 400,000+ impressions
  • …. and 30.000 + engagement on social networks with a 7.5% engagement rate
  • More than 7000+ messages in the live chat
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