Full-Service eSports platform launched in Egypt

Digital Virgo has launched a full-service eSports platform in Egypt with Etisalat Misr, the Egyptian Telecom company. This platform will be available to all subscribers of Etisalat Games. It will be the premier eSports platform in Egypt delivering top-tier educational and entertaining content. The platform launched at the start of August is the latest achievement for Digital Virgo’s expansion in the Middle East.

The growth of eSports

The eSports industry is growing at an exponential rate with people all over the world watching elite players win large cash prizes. The attention on eSports is so large that in 2020, more people watched eSport competitions then NBA games in the USA. This global industry isn’t just for solo players but is played by teams creating a communal experience with millions of viewers. Digital Virgo has capitalized on this by creating a white label eSports platform for Etisalat Misr. Bringing together the best in Egyptian eSports to deliver a premium content service.

Finding with the best eSports partners in Egypt

Our local team in Cairo went above and beyond to find the greatest eSports team in Egypt. This led them to Anubis Gaming, world cup champions and Digital Virgo eSports partner. This team will provide high-level entertainment by competing in tournaments and championships that can be watched exclusively through Etisalat Misr. To create these premium tournaments, Digital Virgo has also partnered with GB Arena, the best tournament creators in Egypt.

Creating, Engaging and Supporting with relevant content

Our partners in Egypt are leaders in the eSport world, this platform brings together the best local and international eSports content. Creating informative content is at the heart of our local adaptation strategy. By providing the latest news on teams, local and international tournaments in eSports, subscribers will be able to keep up with the newest trends. These will be available in the form of articles and videos through globally acquired content and from our partner, Anubis Gaming. GB Arena will create premium world-class tournaments where users can compete for international recognition and cash prizes as top eSport players. There will also be coverage of international competitions as they happen providing up-to-date news.

Digital Virgo Content Solutions

Digital Virgo offers a range of content solutions to meet the need of Telcos. From creating Thematic hubs and marketplaces, themes can be suited to any audience and customized with a white label. These solutions can all be integrated with our Direct Carrier Billing method which bills to a user’s mobile phone bill or prepaid SIM card.

To learn more about our content solutions contact us.

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