Ensure the continuity of your business with the Digital Virgo’s Cloud Contact Center solution

During lockdown period, customer care and support professionals need to activate teleworking to continue offering their services. Digital Virgo’s Team, thanks to its DV Contact expertise, offers Smart Contact: a solution that allows Agents to telework with no other technical requirements than a web browser and an Internet access. Find out how in this article.
Smart Contact is Digital Virgo cloud contact center solution

SaaS business model and WebRTC technology

Smart Contact, the Digital Virgo’s Cloud Contact Center solution, allows agents to connect from anywhere and to manage calls via any device instantly and efficiently.

Thanks to its WebRTC technology, which facilitates real-time communications without the need of any additional plug-ins, Smart Contact enables call center management with no other technical requirements than a web browser and an Internet access.

Smart Contact provides real-time monitoring on call management and offers customized dashboards and reports for each business. It operates autonomously or connected to any of the Digital Virgo’s IVR platforms, and allows the integration with other management tools such as CRM, ERPs…

How to activate a Cloud Contact Center in your business?

Digital Virgo’s technical and support Team is ready to deploy remote operations and to implement Smart Contact solution in your business quickly and securely.

Find out how to activate a Cloud Contact Center in your business with 3 steps : 

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