Streamlined Customer Experience with Clicnscores  

Digital Virgo continually strives to distribute relevant and up-to-date content that can be monetized for telco subscribers. The latest offering from DV CONTENT is our new update to Clicnscores, our premium sports digital service. Digital Virgo improves on an already great service by harnessing the power of our exclusive partnerships and technical teams. Providing premium digital sports services for subscribers is just one part of our full service offers.

Sports Update to enhance the customer experience

This year the world is watching one of the biggest sports competitions, The World Cup in Qatar. Our teams took the opportunity to improve the Clicnscores offer to include this fantastic event and build on the service. Updating the technical solutions made a more streamlined customer experience and our teams used the latest analytical data to create a better organization for the end user. They improved the accuracy of acquisition which means that the range of sporting events largens with international and local events as well. Making the user experience more well-rounded and able to be tailored for local adaption.  

Our exclusive partnerships create synergy to provide the latest and relevant content for end-users. This means that users will get a unique experience to bring them closer to the event. A must for any sports fan.

The Power of Content

The digital environment compliments the TV landscape so that users can follow their favorite teams and get the latest updates as soon as they happen. This brings digital content to the forefront especially during large sporting events such as the World Cup. From the latest results, in-depth statistics as well as news, replays and interviews are available as soon as they happen. Retaining and growing a customer base is an ever-changing landscape that needs a competitive edge. 

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