Top Music TV: New Streaming Service with 7 MTV & VH1 Music Channels

Digital Virgo's DV Content team launches Top Music TV, a new premium web service dedicated to music and video in streaming. Available in Spain, it includes seven MTV & VH1 channels accessible 24/7, as well as a news section to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the international music scene.
visual of Top Music TV, new streaming service with MTV music channels

“Non stop” videoclips for all musical tastes 

Providing premium content from ViacomCBS Networks International – a company comprising many of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and whose portfolio includes MTV – the new web service is presented as a disruptive way to experience music. 

Accessible from any device via monthly or weekly subscription, it allows music fans in Spain to enjoy the best MTV & VH1 musical hits as well as the latest news from the music industry. 

Discover the 7 MTV & VH1 music channels:

MTV LIVE HD : behind-the-scenes tours, special interviews, intimate study sessions, all in high HD.

MTV HITS : a mix of new, current and future music hits. 

CLUB MTV :  the music that plays most in the clubs in an uninterrupted party. 

MTV 90’s : the best soundtrack of throwbacks, timeless numbers 1, great dance hits and incredible tracks.

MTV MUSIC 24 : the most popular international music. 

MTV 80’s : whether it’s an afternoon to relax, or a night to get around, MTV has the perfect 80s soundtrack.

VH1 : great international hits of the last 25 years. 

Find out more about the service at:

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Direct Carrier Billing & Digital Marketing integrated

Top Music TV is supported by Direct Carrier Billing, providing users with a comfortable way to pay for the service via its monthly bill. Digital Virgo, thanks to its DV Pass solution, natively integrates Telecom Payment to optimize the content monetization. It is a fast, simple and secure payment method, ideally designed for digital services.

To increase and secure the traffic on the web service, our teams also develop performance-based Digital Marketing campaigns through our DV AdTech solution.

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