Success Story: MTTV, an Innovative TV Platform for Maroc Telecom 

In an ever-evolving television landscape, Maroc Telecom took on the challenge of providing its customers with a premium TV experience that met their expectations. The answer to this challenge? MTTV, an innovative TV platform designed in partnership with Digital Virgo. Join us as we explore how this collaboration, powered by Digital Virgo's comprehensive 360° strategy, has changed the TV offering of Maroc Telecom.

The Challenge: Revolutionizing TV Services 

Maroc Telecom faced a major challenge: offer a premium TV platform capable of meeting the ever-increasing expectations of its customers. With the VOD industry in Morocco projected to reach 12.2 million users by 2027, this endeavor was crucial for the operator. The goal? To devise an innovative solution that provided high-quality content and fostered customer loyalty. 

The Solution: Transforming the TV Offer with Digital Virgo’s 360° Strategy 

In partnership with Maroc Telecom, Digital Virgo has designed MTTV, a white-label TV platform. For its deployment, a complete 360° strategy has been implemented, touching upon key aspects that directly enrich the user experience. 

An editorial strategy was developed to offer attractive and varied content that meets the expectations of the Moroccan audience. This involved partnering with content providers such as StarzPlay, BluTV, or E-Junior, creating exclusive content, and constant adaptation to current trends. In parallel, an acquisition strategy has been implemented to generate regular traffic to the service. Targeted marketing campaigns aim to attract new users and retain existing subscribers. An active customer service also ensures optimal monitoring of the customer journey and guarantees user satisfaction. A responsive team answers their questions and takes care of their needs. 

MTTV’s user experience is a direct reflection of the 360° strategy, offering various interactive features, a user-friendly interface, and customization options to adapt to individual preferences. Users can enjoy the platform on various screens (tablets, smartphones, TV) with the ability to cast content to their TVs. Content is accessible live, in replay, with pause and rewind functionalities for added convenience. This approach extends further with features that cater to the whole family, such as parental controls, a recommendation system for personalized suggestions, and multi-profile management for individual accounts. 

This focus on a holistic user experience, combined with the extensive content library featuring 88 television channels, over 1,000 on-demand content options, and a mix of local and international channels, positions MTTV as a truly unique offering delivered through Digital Virgo’s 360° strategy. 

The Results: A Resounding Success with Increased Engagement 

The collaboration between Digital Virgo and Maroc Telecom has been a resounding success. The platform now has a thriving community of active users and has witnessed a remarkable subscription rate. MTTV has enabled the operator to significantly enhance user engagement, deliver superior content quality, and elevate customer satisfaction. 

The success of MTTV in Morocco paves the way for international deployment. The platform will soon be available in other sub-Saharan African countries under the Moov TV brand. 

This success story illustrates the ongoing transformation of the TV/VOD industry. Streaming platforms like MTTV offer users a wide choice of on-demand content, whenever and wherever they want. 

The growth of this industry is a global trend that is expected to continue in the years to come with a market expected to reach $3.44 billion by 2027, according to statista. Streaming platforms like MTTV are on track to become the main way to consume television for many households. 

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