[Success Case] YouScribe by Orange – a pocket digital library with thousands of books

YouScribe by Orange is successfully building its way in becoming a key player in digital reading and education in French-speaking countries. Since 2018, Digital Virgo in partnership with YouScribe works in making the digital library platform accessible for people in more than 5 countries.
visual of youscribe by orange, a premium digital library

Reading for all 

 YouScribe by Orange goal is to suit the needs of all audiences and in order to achieve it, the platform is widely expanding its catalog with novels, comics, children’s lityerature, university reports, professional works and music scores, provided from the shelves of Europe’s largest digital library.

It is also already widely acknowledged by the communities in Africa and France. In 2018, The French National Commission for UNESCO awarded its patronage for the “Reading for All” program. Also, the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF) partnered with YouScribe by Orange in the promotion of education of French-speaking populations around the world.

Overall, YouScribe by Orange is committed to defending knowledge and access to reading in all French-speaking countries, while also planning to expand its catalog in more languages as well. 

Connecting YouScribe to Orange

 Digital Virgo Teams are helping to expand the service by connecting it to the Carrier Orange and providing a fast and secure DCB billing method to simplify the access to the platform. Our DV Adtech and DV Content Teams  are also helping YouScribe by Orange to achieve higher visibility through large online marketing campaigns. By providing the recommendations on improving the platform, our Teams are also in charge of the monetization and the promotion of the service in the countries where it is present. 

Reaching such growth and success is a true proof that our idea (YouScribe) when meeting the right team (Digital Virgo and Orange Content) can achieve its goal: Spreading everywhere the joy of reading and education. As someone once said about us “You can’t put the digital subscription genie back in the bottle” and that’s especially true thanks to the expertise and essential support of Digital Virgo and Orange Content, whose partner we are proud to be.

Juan Pirlot de Corbion, CEO of YouScribe

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