A dedicated number to make appointments for Covid vaccination

Digital Virgo implemented a number to make appointments for SOS MEDECINS RENNES in partnership with the call center SPAM (Service Permanent d'Assistance Médicale) based in Lorient. It has received more than 10,000 calls from the very first day.
visual of "A dedicated number to make an appointment for Covid vaccination"

“SOS Médecin has offered to become an Anti-Covid vaccination center in Rennes, France. This new activity involves creating two totally different channels for patients, in order for them not to cross each other” as explained Dr. Thomas Guitton.

“The rapid implementation of a simple telephone system to make appointments, proved to be essential for the smooth running of the service. “

The solution was deployed in just a few hours by Digital Virgo teams, using the Group’s Telecom infrastructure, and enabled, via a virtual geographic number, to manage a voice menu with schedules, and to queue callers according to selected criterias. The system distributes and manages call loads according to the capacity of the SPAM call center.

The effectiveness of the deployment has enabled the Cleunay Vaccination Center to :

  • Manage and contain a large number of calls via a dedicated number without cluttering its on-site telephone system. More than 10,000 calls on the first day.
  • Continue to use its existing telephone system for day-to-day work.
  • Modify/manage and follow in real time its stream via a web extranet.
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