SMS Ticketing with Cyclope – An Interview with Co-founder Ronan Boudet  

Cyclope, a company that specializes in temporary secure bike parking solutions, partnered with Digital Virgo to implement an alternative payment method for their service. SMS Ticketing is a secure, environmentally friendly way to pay for bike parking during events. This seamless way of paying for parking via SMS takes away the need for physical tickets. We recently sat down with Cyclope co-founder, Ronan Boudet, to discuss how Digital Virgo helped the company manage their mobile payments and grow their revenue.
Ronan Budet Cyclope co-founder

How long have you been using the Digital Virgo payment solution?  

The Digital Virgo payment solution by SMS is a solution that we have been using for several months on recurring events, especially around the Philharmonic of Paris, La Villette in Paris. 

Tell us about Cyclope and why you chose the SMS payment solution?

We have created the Cyclope project which is a temporary secure bike parking solution for events. The particularity of our offer is to provide parking that is watched by a physical person. It was important for us in our process to avoid the need to use physical equipment, whether it is tickets to give to our visitors, receipts, flyers for environmental reasons and for operational reasons of stock management, and so on. 

How does the SMS solution work for Cyclope and the user?

The deployment of the payment solution by SMS with Digital Virgo was very simple and very fast. The contact with my interlocutors was very smooth and they were able to set up a temporary test solution in a very short time much faster than I had hoped, which allowed us to test the solution live, to collect our first payments and to iterate on this basis to refine our process. 

The visitor parks his bike and ties it with his own lock on our structures. Then he sends “Cyclope” to 91234 to proceed to the payment. When we make an event like a big music festival for example, we have about 50% of visitors who will book their place in advance and pay via our e-commerce website. The other half of visitors have not reserved their place and go directly to our parking space and the SMS Ticketing payment option is our default solution, that is used by over 95% of our visitors. 

When a payment is made via SMS, the amount is charged by the telecom operator. This amount is then transferred to Digital Virgo who pays us the amount at the end of the month. 

Digital Virgo also offered us a push solution SMS that we use. We use a lot of SMS to confirm to our customers that their bike is well watched and notify them of the upcoming closure of the parking or remind users that they must come and pick up their bike. 

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