We are the first aggregators to deploy ‘Pay with T-Mobile’ in Poland!

Digital Virgo joins forces with a long-time partner T-Mobile to deploy its service 'Pay with T-Mobile’ in Poland. This partnership with help to strengthen Telco's business and retain its customer base with access to a wide spectrum of Merchants in Poland. The launch of “Pay with T-Mobile” which payment method is based on PSD2 regulation allows to expand Carrier Billing payments for ticketing business. With our technological solution, legal knowledge/experience and local teams, our goal is to deploy adapted strategies and optimize the payment for the Telco in Poland. Read in the article to know how we did it!
Enabling 'Pay with T-Mobile' in Poland

Implementing new API ready for ‘Pay with T-Mobile’ payment method

Digital Virgo was chosen as first Aggregator to implement new API ready for “Pay with T-Mobile” payment method. By providing a single connection to the unique API, we give an access to a big and different Merchants’ portfolio. With the presence of our local teams and local expertise, Digital Virgo also plays a role as a T-Mobile consultant in order to prepare advanced features in Carrier`s API like automatic refunds, reservations and much more…

Our local Teams in Poland have a great experience in optimizing the payment process and managing transactions, ensuring growth both for Telcos and Merchants. Thanks to Direct Carrier Billing, we ensure higher customer satisfaction, as T-Mobile customers can access premium content and pay for the services with their phone bill. As a fast, easy, and secure payment method, Direct Carrier Billing is more and more acknowledged in entertainment industry. Learn more about Direct Carrier Billing here.

Organisational and regulatory support for Carriers in deploying Direct Carrier Billing

With Digital Virgo deploying its Electronic Money Institution license in Europe, we are ready to support Carriers in the global management of their payment solutions. The payment Institution enables us the deployment of services like Ticketing, in this case treating Carrier Billing as a payment by credit card.

Digital Virgo has legal, tax and compliance experts who are responsible for a proper preparation for a launch of ‘Pay with T-Mobile’: starting from template of contracts with Carriers and Merchants, by specific procedures required by rules for the payment method, ending with monitoring mechanisms. Consult our website and learn more about our services here.

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