[MENTION] Discover Juniper Research Digital Content Monetisation report

We are excited to be included in the last Juniper Research report as one of the key players in digital content monetization market. We invite ou to read more about it!
Juniper Research included Digital Virgo in its report as one of the key players in digital content monetization market

Adapting to the content platforms growth in 2021

The total number of digital content users is expected to reach even 2.9 billion by the end of 2021 – that’s the growth that should be taken seriously, adopting the services to its best use in the market. Video, music and gaming content remain the key formats, especially during the social restrictions brought by COVID-19.

At Digital Virgo, we believe that content monetisation with premium platforms and Direct Carrier Billing connection is the key to attract the bigger subscriber base and grow revenues for both Telcos and Merchants. As content platforms only continue to grow, it is important to target your audience with the latest video and music content, that is locally adapted to the needs of your consumers.

Read our expertise about Local Adaptation where we introduce the importance of both cultural and technological adaptation in order to achieve high performing results for Telecom Operators and Merchants worldwide.

5 year forecast with key metrics

Juniper Research team worked on the Content Monetisation report to provide a comprehensive overview of the digital content market. It includes 5-year forecasts for key digital content metrics, as well as average digital content spend per device, including:

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