+6 for Digital Virgo this year in the FW500 famous ranking by FrenchWeb

It is more than a ranking... Each year FrenchWeb, with its FW500 Ranking, highlights the companies that are highly contributing to France's digital transformation. Last year we were at the 20th place, this year, we are proud to be ranked among the 15th best of them.
Digital Virgo is on top 15 of the French tech companies this year in the FW500 famous ranking by FrenchWeb

FrenchWeb explains that FW500 ranking reflects the variety and dynamism of tech companies in France. The 5th edition proves the necessity to remind ourselves about the strength that possesses French tech ecosystem even during this challenging 2020 year. Since 2008, FrenchWeb brings together the largest community of French-speaking digital experts and enterpreneurs, helping to explore new trends and discover impactful innovations.  

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