Fuze Forge is now available in Mexico

The brand of Digital Virgo Group's Gaming platform, Fuze Forge, is now available in Mexico. Thanks to the new regional agreement with the major Telecom Operator América Móvil, the Digital Virgo’s DV Content service could be rolled out in other Latin American countries.
Fuze Forge is now available in Mexico visual

Regional agreement with América Móvil

Fuze Forge, the premium gaming platform created by our content monetization solution, DV Content, is now available for Telcel users in Mexico via Direct Carrier Billing and for everyone in the country using credit or debit card. Mexican’s gaming fans can enjoy more than 5000 pc games, including the biggest games publishers in the world, as well as the latest news and articles about the gaming and eSport industries.

Thanks to this new partnership with the Group América Móvil, the service could be rolled out in its Latin America regional subsidiaries such as Brasil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Panama.

A global strategy for sustainable growth

DV Content brings together all Digital Virgo’s expertise in their ability to reach an effective global monetization strategy. Adapted content, targeted marketing and optimized payment in order to build a successful strategy execution.

Fuze Forge promotes AAA games through digital marketing campaigns, live streaming and influencers marketing operations.  

In addition, Fuze Forge is supported by Direct Carrier Billing, providing Telcel users in Mexico with a comfortable way to pay for the service via its monthly bill. A fast, simple and secure payment method, ideally designed for digital services. 

More about América Móvil

América Móvil is the leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in Latin America. Excluding China and India, is the largest company in terms of wireless subscribers. Through the development of a world-class integrated telecommunications platform, we offer our customers a portfolio of value-added services and enhanced communications solutions in 25 countries in Latin America, the U.S. and Central and Eastern Europe.

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