Digital Virgo strengthens its digital services proposition in Peru with Goles L1 Max

As part of Digital Virgo's business growth plan in Peru and thanks to the deal with 1190 Sports, company that holds the broadcasting rights to the Liga 1, the Goles L1 Max sports application is now available in the service catalogue for partners. Users subscribing to the service will enjoy near live replays of goals from the country's top football league. Customers will also be able to pay for the service with Direct Carrier Billing, via credit balance for prepaid users or monthly operator bill for postpaid users.
Goles L1 Max application now available in Peru

Football is still by far the most followed sport in Peru. According to a recent study conducted by Ipsos, 49% of the country’s population consider themselves football fans. In this context, Digital Virgo has just integrated Goles L1 Max, a platform dedicated to bringing near live goal replays of the national football league, into its portfolio of digital services.

Goles L1 Max is a service aimed at Peruvian football fans and followers, an exclusive website that allows them to visualise the goals of the national first division just seconds (“near live”) after they have occurred. A unique service where fans are kept up to date with all the goals of their favourite team from the Peruvian league, through SMS notifications on their mobile phones.

In addition, the service rounds off the experience by offering users news, statistics from teams and players, match summaries, popular moments and the best goals, accessible through mobile, PC or tablet.

“At Digital Virgo we continue to enrich the catalogue of digital services for our business partners. This time, thanks to the partnership with 1190 Sports in Peru, and in collaboration with Fanatiz, we are pleased to present Goles L1 Max, the only service in the market that offers official content from the Peruvian Football League, allowing us to bring all the passion of football directly to the palm of the user’s hand”.

Edgar Lomelí, Country Manager, Peru

Goles L1 Max will accept payments through Direct Carrier Billing, providing users in Peru with a convenient way to pay for the service through their monthly bill or prepaid balance. A fast, simple and secure payment method, ideally designed for digital services. Considering that over 41% of the population in Peru uses or has used Carrier Billing Services (Juniper Research), but only 12.9% owns a credit card (Findex Database – World Bank), this payment method makes the service accesible to a larger portion of the population.

Sports apps continue their unstoppable growth in the country

With just under 75% of internet penetration and more than 37 million cellular mobile connections (Data Reportal), Peru is currently experiencing a growth in the relevance and reach of sport apps. The latest data by Statista reveals that this category of applications accumulates 11.5 minutes of use per day in the country, with the total revenue in the sports app market reching $1.61 million by the end of 2023.

The increase in the use of second screens while watching live sport events to access additional information is one of the key factors that is leading to a strong growth in the number of downloads of sports apps, expetected to reach 3.3 million downloads in 2024 (Statista).

These figures show a growing interest in digital services, that paired with the increase in 4G and 5G coverage, create the perfect environment for platforms such as Goles Liga 1 Max to flourish succeed in the market.

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