DCB The Payment method with the Biggest Online Reach with

Direct Carrier Billing as the payment method with the biggest online reach

Did you know that in the world there are 8 billion SIM cards compared to 2,8 billion credit cards in use ? Watch the video to discover the Key Figures of Direct Carrier Billing, the payment method with the biggest online reach.

The Advantages 

DCB enables a fast, easy and secure online payment flow, ensuring high quality user’s purchasing experience. 

DCB offers a great opportunity for both Merchants and Telecom Operators to boost their sales and acquire additional transactions via a direct monetization link with more than 8 billion potential users in the world. 

This billing method is ideal for digital services as it encompasses the three main features that today’s users are demanding for a payment solution: simplicity, security and rapidity. 45% of users find credit card payment too long and 90% are satisfied with Telecom Payment. 

DCB prevents users from sharing their personal data online and guarantees the best buying experience thanks to its easy and simple use. It creates a quicker user flow and accelerates customer checkouts.   

Global Strategies for a sustainable DCB Ecosystem 

At Digital Virgo, our aim is to help our clients, Telecom Operators and Merchants, in their digital growth strategies by interconnecting Payment, Monetization and Marketing expertises. 

We have presence in more than 25 countries with dedicated local Teams in each geographical area. Our Glocal know-how allows us to have a global vision and local values to ensure high performing results regardless of the countries’ technological level or cultural needs. 

Want to know more about our Telecom Payment expertise? Visit DV Pass.

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