Introducing the app for kids Galinha Pintadinha at Claro Live Store streaming event

As a key player in the Mobile Payment ecosystem, we support our partner Claro in Brazil to grow its Carrier Billing business in some of its digital services. We do this with global performance strategies made of Payment and Digital Marketing. This is the case of Galinha Pintadinha, the app for kids created by the production company ZeroUm. Discover more about the streaming event organized by Claro to present this famous app in Brazil!
Digital Virgo joining claro live store streaming event

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our partner Claro in Brazil has launched the Claro Live Store. It is a virtual streaming shop where the Telco shares live presentations of its products and services. In partnership with the production company ZeroUm, Digital Virgo participated in one of the last programs to introduce the app for kids Galinha Pintadinha. The service brings together all the music-based content and videos of Brazil’s most famous characters, making it a preferred option for the youngest members of the households.

The initiative, which was a real success, included a show of the most emblematic characters of Galinha Pintadinha and a demonstration of the application with all its features.

Discover more in this video (original video in Portuguese).

Direct Carrier Billing integrated

The app is available as part of Claro’s service catalogue. It integrates Direct Carrier Billing, implemented by Digital Virgo’s DV Pass solution. A simple payment method, which provides users with a convenient way to pay for their subscription through their monthly mobile bill.

It is proven to be fast and secure, making increasing conversion rates for operators and providing safe space for customers to manage their subscriptions without exposing their bank card details.

Sustainable performance via Digital Marketing

To increase and ensure traffic to the mobile service, our experts in user acquisition also develop performance-based Digital Marketing campaigns.

Our Teams work directly with GAFAM (Google, Facebook…) in the optimization of all available Digital Marketing levers: Search, Display, SEO, SMO, ASO…

By mixing both expertises, Carrier Billing and Digital Marketing, we support Claro to achieve a sustainable growth.

All about Live Store Claro

The initiative blends e-commerce and content production to generate interaction and positive experience for its customers. Live Store Claro aims to present its products, plans and features to encourage customers to subscribe. The program is broadcasted from 13:00 to 17:00 (Brazil, BR time) and can be accessed from the Claro’s website or through Claro TV channel 500.

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