Bundling in Carrier Billing: With the Right Partner, its a Universe Plenty of Opportunities

In today’s world, carrier bundling is on the rise. It is an effective marketing tool, for both carriers and merchants, designed to accelerate user acquisition and improve customer lifetime value. But bundling in the current digital content ecosystem requires large resources in order to respond to the needs of the market. In Digital Virgo, through our DV Pass payment expertise, we offer solutions adapted to the needs of each client. One single connection for a full management of high-performing bundling operations. Discover more about bundling opportunities and the importance of counting with the right business and technological partner.
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A powerful tool to grow DCB business

Bundling is increasingly present in the Carrier Billing ecosystem. It is a marketing strategy that involves offering several products and/or services for special price or promotion as one combined product.

It doesn’t matter if we talk about hard bundling – where subscribers are offered one or various services inseparably linked to a telco service plan. Normally, telco subscribers get a free trial or discount for a given period. After this period, they start to pay the complete service plan through their monthly mobile bill – or soft bundling – merchants’ services are offered as an add-on option that can be paid via carrier billing. This add-on option can also include a free trial or discountIn both cases, it makes carriers and merchants benefit from a relationship that allows them to grow their DCB business.   

For carriers, bundling is an effective way to differentiate and enrich their offer while increasing engagement with their customers. Besides, an attractive bundle is one of the most popular upselling and cross-selling techniques as it encourages users to subscribe to a more complete service plan and buy multiple products.

For merchants, bundling accelerates user acquisition, reaches new demographics and simplifies sign up for customers by removing some friction, leading to customer growth.

These advantages are enhanced by Carrier Billing. It is an easy, secure and fast payment method with 10x higher conversion rates than credit cards. It allows users to pay for their bundle subscriptions as part of their monthly bill. Moreover, it is very useful in unbanked countries with low credit card penetration.

Overall, bundling in Carrier Billing represents a powerful tool for the key players of the telecom payment ecosystem.

Digital Content market: a constantly evolving ecosystem 

This form of collaboration between carriers and merchants, which emerged years ago, is transforming at the pace of the market. From an environment with 2 or 3 large digital content providers, we are evolving to an ecosystem with a multitude of video, music and gaming OTTs. Each of these streaming services responds to the needs of different subscribers and is adapted to local specificities. 

This explosion of digital content providers multiplies opportunities for carrier bundling, but also increases the technical constraints for the integration.   

This is evidenced by the fact that each OTT requires a customized integration – different APIs and changing functional or performance requirements. From the carrier’s point of view, it is very complicated to allocate the necessary resources to incorporate different content providers. In addition, lengthy time to market does not necessarily fit in with the ambitions of all the involved players. In order to respond to the needs of this new ecosystem and take full advantage of bundling, it is necessary to have the right technological and business partner, who has a proven track record in managing and integrating the entire bundling operation.  

Bundling featured by DV Pass 

In Digital Virgo, through our DV Pass payment expertise, we offer solutions adapted to the needs of each client. 

We facilitate carrier’s integration and management of bundles with different merchants/OTTs for faster time to market. To achieve this goal, we provide an added-value solution made of:

  • Our large expertise in OTT integration and onboarding
  • An innovative platform for Business, Operations and Customer Care teams to manage merchants from a unique central point
  • Powerful Business Intelligence tools and Artificial Intelligence technology for comprehensive visibility and reporting
  • Top market experts in optimization of payment flow for better conversion rates

With a simple connection to our DV Pass platform, we connect carriers to multiple merchants to create high-performance bundles that boost conversion and enhance loyalty and engagement.

Learn more about Digital Virgo’s Carrier Billing platform and the solutions we offer!

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