We are Agile…More about how we adapt since 2008

Digital Virgo was created in 2008, during the Mobile Revolution. Being part of a complex and changing telecom ecosystem helped us to strength our adaptation and reinvention for over these 10 years. Let’s discover what meaning Agile brings to our Teams and our ways of working.
We are Agile Digital Virgo

A solid global network 

Since 2008, the Group has built a global network by setting up local offices to expand geographically and through acquisitions to bring new expertise or technologies to strengthen its position on existing markets.  

Last week we announced our largest acquisition since Digital Virgo’s creation. A new external growth with the acquisition of DOCOMO Digital Solutions unit, which will consolidate our position in strong markets such as Payment and Monetization, and secondly it will also accelerate our international growth and local presence. 

Making acquisitions and integrating new Teams has been part of our agile DNA with more than fifteen acquisitions over the last decade, creating each time, a new Digital Virgo’s Team stronger than the previous one. 

Think global – Act Local – Be Digital

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