Connecting Vodacom with Clicnscores to deliver Premium World Cup Content

Sport unites the world this is evident more than ever during events like The World Cup. Bringing together our partners to deliver exclusive deals and products for end-users is in our company DNA. Digital Virgo works with exclusive partners to deliver premium digital sport content. Our teams are dedicated to connecting premium merchants with global distribution channels.

Sport brings the world together 

The highs and lows of watching your favorite team play football at a global level has never been easier. Now match statistics, updates, even watching live games is at your fingertips. Distributing premium sport content is driven by finding exclusive partnerships and bringing them together.  

Connecting New World TV and Vodacom DRC 

Continually creating partnerships with content providers establishes new avenues of digital content all the time. For The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Digital Virgo partnered with New World TV a Togolese based company, who have the exclusive rights to transmit this global event across Francophone Africa. This content is available on our sporting app and webservice, Clicnscores. To distribute this content in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Digital Virgo teamed up with Vodacom DRC and created a subscription service. For US$7.50 per month or US$4 per week, Vodacom customers can access this exclusive content.  

Mobile Money makes premium content more accessible  

To deliver premium content in Africa, there needs to be an accessible payment method. Digital Virgo’s Mobile Wallet solution, which lets users deposit money into an account linked to their mobile phone number is the next generation in mobile payments. This secure, seamless payment method is perfect for users to pay for digital services such as Clicnscores. This solution connects premium merchants with telco’s through a single API, unlocking new business opportunities.  

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