New Deal signed with Vision Lab provider

We are happy to announce a new Premium content deal in Poland with Vision Lab - that will enrich our Polish VOD services. With this new partnership, viewers will get access to a finest selection of international and local content.
visual of new deal signed with Vision Lab

Our updated catalog is accessible on our VOD services in Poland – Filmsmax, Vodonline, Vodonline4u and soon PlayVOD.

By signing this Premium VOD deal, we propose a rich library of international and local content, including famous Polish movies such as Demony Wojny WG.Goi, Kariera Nykosia Dyzmy, W Pustyni I W Puszczy … and international: American Summer, Planet 51, Abandoned….

Also covering different themes: comedy, thriller, drama, animation, together with famous international actors such as Andie MacDowell, Edward Norton,  Lindsay Lohan and Polish actors such as Janusz Gajos, Cezary Pazura and others. 

This is just the beginning – we are going to accelerate and bring more Premium Content soon with other major providers in Poland.

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