Digital Virgo supports Virgin Radio’s teams with new interactivity operation “La Marmotte Line”.

New DV Live operation for Virgin Radio with "The Marmotte Line", from February 18th to 22nd. Digital Virgo's interactivity solution has been chosen for the last contest on the Virgin Tonic morning show.
Cover Virgin Radio Marmotte
Once again, Digital Virgo was chosen to set up and monitor an interactivity operation for Virgin Radio.
With its DV Live solution, Digital Virgo provides a toll free number for the “Marmotte Line”, allowing radio listeners to try to win exceptional gifts and prizes : Disney stay, trips, gift vouchers….
DV Live teams of experts take care of the entire management of the operation (incoming calls, activation of the top calls announced by the host), working closely with Virgin Radio’s animation team members.
Through “La Marmotte Line” operation, Virgin Radio has once again renewed its trust in Digital Virgo and its ability to monetize and retain its audience thanks to the DV Live solution.
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