The Positive Impact Program: An interview with Emilie Roussel

The Positive Impact program has been Digital Virgo’s pursuit of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy since 2018. Aware of the importance of social, societal and environmental issues, the Group has taken action as a moral obligation towards employees and stakeholders, giving shape to a program that involves our offices all around the world. We sat down with Emilie Roussel, Corporate Marketing & Communications Director, to know more about the initiative.
Emilie Roussel Positive Impact Interview

What is Positive Impact and what makes it a key pilar of Digital Virgo’s strategy?

Positive Impact is a Digital Virgo program that puts together all the actions that we roll out to support the values we trust. You often hear about our digital skills concerning the group but as we like to say digital expertise is made of human skills. That is exactly what our Positive Impact program is about: People with common bond and values who want to make a difference. 

The program has been proposed, implemented, and supported by the company on many levels, but more than that, it is our teams around the world that make it a reality. By their involvement, by their ideas and of course by their actions. 

It is key for the Group, first because it is important for us as a group of people, but also because our clients, in particular telecom operators, are very interested in the actions we roll out. We’re addressing here global societal concerns. From a business perspective, building a sustainable ecosystem is crucial for us.

What was the scope and reach of the actions linked to the Positive Impact program in 2023?

Last year we participated in over 30 actions in 11 countries, with 255 of our employees. We supported initiatives all around the globe, from Latin America to Africa, Europe and beyond. Together with our teams, we organized donations in Latin America and Africa for children, showing our employees’ desire to offer aid and contribute. We also implemented our networking expertise for projects in Morocco, that made waves globally, meeting very urgent needs during challenging times.

It has united us, allowing the team to significantly grow. Everyone wants to help, so we’ve tried to leverage our expertise to create a significant impact, facilitating financial donations to assist those in need directly. The actions supported the team’s desire to make a difference. Even if individual contributions may seem small, collectively, they make a global impact. For example, in Egypt and Tunisia, employees collaborated on running events for cancer awareness, and in France, we organized events focusing on climate risk.

Actions were very diverse from blind dancing to assistance dogs for people with disabilities, to raising awareness. From climate fresks to charity and sport events to raise money for cancer awareness and treatment.  Even to support people during the Moroccan earthquake, with the creation of a dedicated phone number and a collection for goods to help.

What are the main goals for 2024 and what new initiatives will be deployed?

Our goal this year is to keep raising awareness about environmental issues and the significant impact individuals can have. We will strive to focus on genuine diversity, talent management, and building a sustainable ecosystem within our connected community platform, showcasing the diverse actions implemented by Digital Virgo.

Regarding the success of the climate fresks last year we decided to propose a training program for our employees for them to be able to become volunteers and be leaders of this experience in the company but more globally in their lives. 

And of course, we will increase the number of operations on key topics such as environment, inclusion & diversity and sustainable ecosystem. 

Regarding specific new actions, we have just launched “Digital Virgo for Nonprofits”. Through this initiative, Digital Virgo supports non-profit organizations by offering its services, carefully selecting beneficiaries to maximize impact. By eliminating fees, Digital Virgo facilitates fundraising, enabling organizations to devote more resources to their core missions, demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Nonprofits will now be able to collect money through SMS donations or recurring donations at no cost.

Know more about the Positive Impact program HERE.

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