The launch of the Live Chat feature with ‘Dbara by Orange’

For the occasion of recently passed Ramadan 2020, Digital Virgo’s Marketing and Technical Teams in Tunisia launched the new feature Live Chat with the culinary service 'Dbara by Orange’. Integrated in collaboration with Orange Tunisia, it connects subscribers of the service with the Professional Chef Wajdi.
The launch of the Live Chat feature with Dbara by Orange

Get advice from the Chef

The Live Chat feature allows Chef Wajdi to answer subscribers’ requests and questions, as well as give tips and advices on Tunisian and International cooking techniques. Accessible via any device, subscribers can receive answers in several formats (Texts, Videos, Photos and Audio Recording) and also in several languages: Arabic, French or Tunisian dialect.

Digital Virgo’s Team has also set up a Game for Dbara users, giving them a chance to win a live video training for the preparation of Tunisian cakes provided by the Chef himself.

The new feature has aroused great interest among users of the ‘Dbara by Orange’ service and has attracted new subscribers, all interested in direct contact with the famous Chef Wajdi.

You can learn more about the service on their website.

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