Digital Virgo solidarity action in collaboration with major Senegal artists

Digital Virgo provided technical support to assist solidarity action organised by 20 major artists from Senegal. In collaboration with Studio Sankara, 100% of the revenues excluding taxes and operator costs will be donated to the Ministry of Health.
Solidarity action launched by Digital Virgo together with major artists from Senegal

The sale of the record DAAN CORONA through a dedicated short code “22025” will raise funds that will be entirely donated to the Ministry of Health. 

The campaign aims to mobilize artists and the listeners for collective contribution and support during the national pandemic. The operation was possible thanks to Digital Virgo technical support and the contribution of major Senegal artists that gathered voluntarily to raise awareness about the COVID-19 crisis.  

The record will also be available on our music app Ziksen, in the playlist dedicated to the fight against COVID-19.

List of artists: 

Youssou Ndour, Awadi, Matador, Mamy Victory, Duggy Tee, Baxaw, Simon, Omg, Dip Doundou Guiss, Samba Peuzzi, Korka Dieng, Moonaya, Xuman, Ngaaka Blinde, Ndongo D, Clayton Hamilton, Viviane, Pape Birahim, Fou Malade, Idrissa Diop 

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