Social Wall, a unique concept launched in partnership with CANAL Group

For Valentine's Day, CANAL, in collaboration with Digital Virgo, has chosen to set up a new interactive system. Thanks to our DV Live team, an innovative and fully customizable on-air interactivity system will be set in motion on C8 and CSTAR channels. Read our article to find out more!
DV Live Social wall is a unique concept launched with canal group

Create links thanks to the Social Wall

The Social Wall is an interactive concept, that allows viewers to speak via social networks, in this case, on Twitter, and see their posts broadcasted live on TV.

This creative concept works as follows: at the beginning of the ad launch, an advertiser invites viewers to send a personal message via Twitter. The message will go through DV Live platform and will be moderated in real time so that it gets broadcasted at the end of the ad by the same advertiser.

In addition to giving viewers an opportunity to express themselves, it is also an opportunity for advertisers to give their advertising spots a whole new dimension by fully integrating viewers behind the screen.

An operation created and piloted via DV Live platform

The DV Live platform is fully customisable, allowing Media to schedule their on-air interactivity operations, customise interaction messages and monitor the statistics of their operations in real time.

During this operation, DV Live platform receives messages from Twitter feed, sent by viewers thanks to the corresponding hashtags of the brand or the advertiser. For example: #InterfloraSaintValentine for channel C8 and #InterfloraStValentine for channel CSTAR.

  • Messages arrive in real time on DV Live platform.
  • A moderator corrects and validates the message according to very precise specifications.
  • Messages validated on DV Live platform will be sent in real time to Canal+ via a technical stream.

Each channel has a different hashtag and has the possibility to broadcast 10 messages through the Social Wall for each ad spot.

DV LIVE: a team of experts dedicated to Audience Monetization

DV Live solution accompanies Media, whoever they are: Radio, TV or Press in the creation and implementation of powerful and innovative interactive solutions adapted to their needs.

With our teams of experts, we support Media in their digital growth strategies.

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