[MENTION] ©RFI – Africans want to carry Television in their pockets

RFI talks about us! TV service accessible via smartphone application demand is expanding significantly this year. An opportunity that Molotov, in collaboration with Digital Virgo didn't miss, by launching its streaming service in Africa.
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At the end of December, Molotov launched its streaming service on the African markets. Senegal and the Ivory Coast are the first countries able to benefit from the service, that will be joined by 5 other countries in 2021.

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the African markets, we were able to support our partner Molotov to ensure that the service responds to the markets’ needs under the best possible conditions.

To find out more, read our Press Release about the launch of Molotov in Africa!

On the African continent, Internet is associated to the smartphone, that’ s why it is important to offer an optimised and user friendly service.

“We have lightened the weight of the images, as well as of the Android application, found on the store. It is optimised not to consume too much bandwidth,” explains François Le Pichon, Director of International and BtoB at Molotov. “The video stream is also optimised. It is not degraded, it is optimised for low bandwidth. Also, an offline download function, directly available on the device, will be set up to download without consuming data.”

Molotov is now available in Senegal, to find out more : click here!

Original article is in French.

Clik here to view the original web page at rfi.fr

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