PlayVOD, a Premium VOD platform for Zain in Kuwait

Zain, leading Telecommunications Company, has just announced the launch in Kuwait of our VOD product: PlayVOD.
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PlayVOD, a full package Premium Content service

PlayVOD is a Video on Demand Service (VOD) based on a strong and sustainable strategy. Live in 12 countries and available in 5 languages, its main strength is to be totally adapted to the users’ cultural and technical environment. But more than that, our team provides Zain a full strategy based on three levers:

  • A smoothly user experience
  • An efficient mobile payment solution with Direct Carrier Billing
  • A Mobile marketing campaigns to ensure traffic

From now this OTT service is available to the 2.8 million Zain customers in Kuwait. And it’s only a beginning…

A Group-wide framework agreement with Zain

Earlier this year, Digital Virgo signed with Zain Group an agreement to support the carrier in its content monetization growing strategies in order to provide Zain’s 49 million customers across eight markets with access to its OTT content portfolio.

Modhey Al Sabah, Chief Government Affairs and Business Development Officer, at Zain Kuwait said, “the launch of PlayVOD in Kuwait is another example of Zain’s pioneering approach to delivering the most compelling user experiences as we transform to become a fully integrated digital lifestyle provider. Our Group-wide API program has made partnering with leading technology and over-the-top (OTT) content providers such as Digital Virgo much easier, with the result being services such as PlayVOD being brought to market much more quickly.

Digital Virgo in Middle East

Digital Virgo is a known key player of the Telecommunications ecosystem in Africa and is now bringing its strong experience in Middle East. It’s a challenge to support Carriers like Zain “to become a fully integrated digital lifestyle provider”.

Guillaume Briche, Digital Virgo CEO, commented, “The launch with Zain Kuwait illustrates how we intend to strengthen our international development, particularly in Africa and Middle East, teaming up with major telecom groups to increase our visibility within the digital ecosystem. In these regions, our positioning as an expert in payment, monetization and marketing is unique, and allows us to bring significant value to mobile operators and their end-users.

Want to know more about Zain Group?

Zain is a Mobile Telecommunications Company founded in 1983 in Kuwait as the first mobile telecommunications company in the Middle East and Africa. The Group’s flagship operation has enjoyed a proud history of achievements since then, including becoming the first telecom operator to launch a commercial GSM service in the region in 1994, as well as becoming the first telecom company in Kuwait to launch nationwide 4G LTE Internet services in 2012. In May 2019, Zain Kuwait announced its network was fully ready for the commercial launch of fifth generation wireless technology (5G) as the first operator to offer 5G technology in the GCC region in the Kuwaiti market with nationwide coverage of all areas during June 2019.

…They talk about it…

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