Payment Institution: constraints or opportunities for carriers and merchants

Watch the video of the session led by our expert Marion Hyvernat, Legal Director & Chief Compliance Officer, at the Global Carrier Billing Summit. A Q&A about the importance of understanding the legal scope of the new Carrier Billing activities and to anticipate the legal procedures to be able to offer these new services.
visual of payment Institution: constraints or opportunities for carriers and merchants

Why Payment Institution is important? What you need to be aware of? Why anticipating is mandatory? Which steps to be compliant? What does it change for the ecosystem?

Replay the video and get all the answers about Payment Institution and the opportunities it represents for the DCB ecosystem.

More about Digital Virgo and its Payment Institution license

In line with the telecommunication exemption PSD2, Carriers are exempted to be licensed for Digital Goods, Charitable Activity and Ticketing – limited to Parking, Entertainment, Transport Services and Entry to events, under certain thresholds (€50 per transaction; €300 per billing month per person). For any other 3rd party Goods and/or Services exploited through Carrier Billing or to go beyond the thresholds, the carrier needs to be granted with a Payment License or to be an agent of a Payment License Bearer.  

Last January, Digital Virgo acquired an European Electronic Money Institution license. It allows us to increase our range of billing services across Europe and securely collect turnover on behalf of our partners. Ultimately, it enables us to offer our customers, Merchants and Telecom Operators, new growth levers. 

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