Orange Côte d’Ivoire acquires Digital Virgo’s Telecom Payment platform: DV Pass

Orange Côte d'Ivoire once again shows its confidence in Digital Virgo by choosing the Telecom Payment Platform - DV Pass. This is an opportunity for the French Group to extend its offer to its Merchant customers and guarantee sustainable growth in Direct Carrier Billing revenues for Orange.
Orange Côte d'Ivoire acquires DV Pass Platform for Direct Carrier Billing

A direct connection to more than 15 Million subscribers

With this new cooperation, Digital Virgo offers digital merchants : E-Learning, Ticketing, Entertainment, Fintech… with a link of a Direct Carrier Billing to Orange Côte d’Ivoire’s 15 million subscribers. By becoming the Operator’s referenced supplier, Digital Virgo enables its customers to benefit from the Orange infrastructure performance combined with the robustness of the DV Pass platform:

  • Easy deployment and integration (single API).
  • Secure traffic thanks to proven anti-fraud tools and global management of the transactional ecosystem.
  • Activity management facilitated by Smart Data, a source of performance.

DV Pass enables 15 million Orange Côte d’Ivoire users to access new services without providing credit card details. Telecom Payment provides a fast and simple way to pay via a phone bill: an easy access to premium quality music, video and gaming content.

The choice of sustainable growth

By choosing Digital Virgo’s Telecom Payment platform, the Orange Côte d’Ivoire Operator puts its users at the heart of its concerns and moves forward to a sustainable and efficient profitability.

DV Pass will enable the optimization of the connection process with merchants while regulating and securing the DCB ecosystem. Fully integrated with Orange Customer Care, DV Pass gives the Operator a real-time view of all transactions and related data.

A strong sign of confidence from Orange Côte d’Ivoire

“We are proud of this new partnership and with great ambition our teams are now embarking on the deployment of new offers for both local and international Merchants. We are going to support them in the monetization of their goods and services by offering them great growth opportunities… and at the same time we are supporting Orange Côte d’Ivoire in the optimal management of its Telecom Payment system. 

We intervene at each stage of the process with a concern for security, agility and durability. Our action is part of a long-term logic. Our objective is to continue to develop and to offer more and more solutions to our partner Orange Côte d’Ivoire and more widely to all the actors of the Telecom ecosystem.”

Mounia Terhzaz – Africa Area Director @ Digital Virgo

For Digital Virgo, the evolution of this collaboration is an important step in its desire to strengthen its position as a key player in the field of Telecom Payment in Africa and around the world. This approach is in line with the partnerships already taking place with Orange and Yoigo in Spain and EI Telecom in France.

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