New Partnership with CareGame – building the next Mobile Cloud Gaming service for telcos

Digital Virgo has entered a new strategic partnership with the French startup CareGame, offering a technical solution to run a smooth experience with Mobile Cloud Gaming. CareGame is one of the best promising companies operating in the Mobile Cloud Gaming, supported by StationF, the European biggest start-ups incubator and Ubisoft.
visual of Exploring Cloud Gaming with CareGame

5G Cloud Gaming – next generation experience

Cloud Gaming is the next big thing in the telecom operator’s world, with the slow but ongoing setup of 5G network. This trend has been confirmed over the past decade on the digital entertainment industry. The shift already happened for music and video industries – gaming is definitely next in line.

5G could enable faster download and upload speeds, meeting consumer’s growing desire to have greater control over streaming quality outside their home comfort. Opening gaming world and bringing extraordinary capabilities for both consumers and telcos – 5G Cloud Gaming is revolutionary for next-generation media and entertainment experiences.

Exploring Cloud Gaming prospects

Thanks to the partnership with CareGame, Digital Virgo has an opportunity to explore the Cloud Gaming market and be able to offer to our Telecom Operator partners best experience and environment for their end-users. We selected CareGame for its ability to comply with MNO’s requirements from webapp to white label capacity. This has been done with the intention to add the best Cloud Gaming experience inside Digital Virgo gaming solution, optimized for a wide range of mobile devices and networks.

Digital Virgo’s gaming strategy

Digital Virgo is continuing to secure its positions in gaming and eSports markets. Thanks to its gaming platform Fuze Forge, developed by our DV Content Team, Digital Virgo is providing premium content with more than 5000 PC and mobile games, eSports coaching videos and numerous gaming articles.

Digital Virgo uses its expertise in Gaming to provide the Best-in-class 360 solution as white label to more than 15 telcos in 10 countries.

During this month, Digital Virgo Teams will have a chance to test the Cloud Gaming technology and experience the easy way to experience games without the obligation to install additional elements. Powered by CareGame  and accessible through iOS or Android – Digital Virgo Teams are ready!

More about CareGame

Founded in 2018, CareGame is based on the premise that access to mobile games can be made easier, more efficient, and more universal.

CareGame’s cloud mobile gaming solution allows players to enjoy the latest generation of mobile games directly in their browser, without any download, in only one tap. Players are freed from any storage and compatibility constraints. It becomes possible to play games that require several gigabytes of storage, and that normally only run on high-end smartphones of the latest generation… or on a smartphone released in 2013! Whether this smartphone is marked with an apple or a droid.

With its pioneering Cloud Mobile Gaming technological innovation, CareGame aims to integrate its solution with great partners to bring games and gamers closer together.

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