New Partnership with Canal+ International

After several successful collaborations, Digital Virgo and Canal+ International are launching a new interactive antenna operation in Abidjan - Ivory Coast. This innovative project aims to monetize the audience of the new African women’s programme on Canal+Elles: “Le Chœur des femmes”.
Partnership between CANAL+ and ELLES on DV Live visual

At the service of a pan-African program.

Launched in 2019, the TV show “Le chœur des femmes” is the result of a collaboration between the African production company “On est ensemble productions” and the French broadcaster “CANAL + international”. It is a 100% African Women talk show, broadcast on Canal+ Elles. It brings together animators and columnists from the 54 countries of the African continent.

 After the success of its first edition, the show enjoys of a great popularity among African listeners thanks to the diverse themes tackled such as education, work, fashion, beauty, culture… , etc. An important potential that the chain decided to make profitable through the monetization solutions proposed by Digital Virgo.

Proximity through interactivity!

In the audiovisual industry, the main success factor of a program is the interest it generates in its audience. For that purpose, the program usually solicits the participation of the public on the set for interventions or testimonies. It also interacts with its social media subscribers and viewers through telephone calls. To strengthen its proximity to its audience, the TV show uses the services of Digital Virgo to set up a new channel of entertainment and interaction – the Push SMS.

Indeed, the DV Live solution, offers interactive programs that generate traffic and revenue. Thanks to a platform that combines innovation and technology, the show can now invite its fans to send it SMS to answer quizzes and win prizes. The principle is simple, just send a keyword to a short code and the trick is done.

DV Live, a custom service.

Designed specifically for the media (TV, press, radio..), DV Live offers customizable solutions that adapt to the specifications of its customers. The solution can meet different local specificities and requirements thanks to its teams of experts with international knowledge. It also offers 24/7 support to facilitate the implementation of its projects.

Simple and effective, the audience monetization has gained momentum around the world. Today more than 70% of the media in France said yes to this service!

For more information, visit our website. DV Live

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