DV Ticketing and NaviPay: new parking payment with Carrier Billing

NaviPay integrates DV Ticketing solution and provides a new opportunity for Orange and Play subscribers to pay for their parking in Poland.
Post about new parking payment way with Carrier Billing

NaviPay in Poland  

With NaviPay application, users can find a convenient parking space, open the barrier and pay for their parking via their phone bill. Dedicated exclusively to Play and Orange subscribers, the convenient payment process doesn’t require to queue at the parking lot and look for a change.  

DCB Integration  

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is natively integrated in Digital Virgo’s DV Ticketing expertise, providing a fast and secure payment method to NaviPay users. It also gives faster checkouts by not requiring users’ additional data such as credit/debit card details.   

More About DV Ticketing  

DV Ticketing purpose is to provide innovative turn-key solutions for urban mobility ecosystem. In collaboration with two major Carriers in Poland, DV Ticketing expands the access to the NaviPay services. 

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